Cemeteries of Henderson County, Kentucky

Agnew Family Cemetery Cairo, Kentucky
Alderson Family Cemetery Cairo, Kentucky
Cash Creek Cemetery

Gibson Family Cemetery

Gish Cemetery

Maloney-Majors Cemetery

Pleasant Valley Cemetery

Ridgewood Cemetery

Roselawn Cemetery

Smith Mills Cemetery

Famous Folk Buried in Henderson county

John Lloyd Dorsey, Jr. - US Congressman

Lazarus Whitehead Powell - Senator during Civil War & KY Governor

Feature Name USGS 7.5' Map
Agnew Cemetery 374344N 0873719W Robards
Baskett Cemetery 375242N 0872722W Newburgh
Brickwall Cemetery 375325N 0872233W Newburgh
Burbanks Cemetery 374853N 0874705W Smith Mills
Carpenter-Smith Cemetery 380629N 0834949W Preston
Carter Cemetery 380640N 0834818W Preston
Clay Cemetery 374918N 0874231W Wilson
Conley Cemetery 380553N 0834834W Preston
Corydon Cemetery 374508N 0874212W Wilson
Denton Cemetery 374358N 0873701W Robards
Dixon Cemetery 374036N 0874317W Poole
Duncan Cemetery 373947N 0874332W Poole
Eakins Cemetery 373945N 0873048W Robards
Eakins Cemetery 373959N 0873230W Robards
Fairmont Cemetery 374854N 0873713W Henderson
Fernwood Cemetery 374923N 0873530W Henderson
Garrett Cemetery 380529N 0834915W Preston
Goodpaster Cemetery 380621N 0834720W Preston
Hart Cemetery 380452N 0834701W Preston
Hughes Cemetery 374211N 0874335W Poole
Karick Cemetery 380647N 0834838W Preston
McMullin Cemetery 374046N 0873431W Robards
Meahl Cemetery 374250N 0873651W Robards
Moore Cemetery 380712N 0835127W Preston
Morehead Cemetery 374028N 0874411W Poole
Mount Pisgah Cemetery 374927N 0873212W Henderson
Mount Zion Cemetery 374846N 0873708W Henderson
New Sights Cemetery 374248N 0873651W Robards
Normen Cemetery 374424N 0873207W Robards
Nunn Cemetery 374122N 0872722W Delaware
Powers Cemetery 380552N 0834929W Preston
Roselawn Memorial Gardens 374800N 0873410W Henderson
Saint Louis Cemetery 374923N 0873624W Henderson
Smith Mills Cemetery 374752N 0874618W Smith Mills
Spencer Cemetery 374129N 0873438W Robards
Vanada Cemetery 375357N 0871941W Yankeetown

The above was taken from http://geonames.usgs.gov/. These are all of the cemeteries listed for Henderson county.

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