William Graham Worsham

by Edmund Starling, 1886


WILLIAM GRAHAM WORSHAM was born in Henderson County, on the fourth day of March, 1860, and is the fourth living son of E. W. and Miriam J. Worsham. His father, as he did in the case of his other boys, spared no means to give him a substantial education. He matriculated, first at the Henderson Public School, and remained a student at that institution up to a short time prior to his father's removal to California in August, 1873. While in his adopted State, young Worsham was sent to the "Boy's High School" at San Francisco, and subsequently completed his education within the walls of the "California College," a noted educational faculty called by that name. Subsequent to leaving college, he went to Los Angeles, California, settled there, and on the tenth day of May, 1881, was married to Miss Margaret Blasdel, formerly of Lawrenceburg, Indiana, a lady reputed to be handsome, intelligent and agreeable-an affectionate, energetic and most estimable woman. They have one child, Nellie Worsham, born June 28th, 1885.

     Mr. Worsham is an apt, quick business young man, and is to-day filling two important official positions in the city of his home. He is collector for the "Los Angeles Furniture Company," Secretary of the Fire Department of that city, having been elected by the Fire Department June 3d, 1887. He is the owner of one hundred and sixty acres of land, lying in Los Angeles County, and located in what is known as the "Mineral Oil Belt," or better known as the "Puenti Oil District." A company is being formed for the purpose of developing this territory, and it is confidently predicted that the tests proprosed will eventuate in success. There are at present six large wells located adjacent to this district of land, that are yielding three hundred barrels of petroleum daily. Mr. Worsham has never attached himself to any church or any lodge. In politics he is a Democrat. to sum him up, he is a young man of fine business qualifications and habits, and will eventually, if permitted by health, make for himself a name to be envied.

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