William Henry Webster

by Edmund Starling, 1886


William Henry Webster, farmer and magistrate, was born in Fleming County, Kentucky, on the seventeenth day of September, 1822. His father, Henry F. Webster, was born in Virginia on the twenty-fourth day of March, 1785. His mother, Sarah M. Howard, was born in Maryland June 4th, 1787. They were married in Virginia December 31st, 1811. Mr. and Mrs. Webster came to Kentucky in the year 1816, and settled in Fleming County where both of them died, the father on May 22d, 1860, the mother on May 20th, 1856. The subject of this sketch was educated in the common schools of his county, and, arriving at the age of twenty-four years, he married Miss Margaret H. Manzey, of Fleming County, on the twenty-sixth day of February, 1846. She died, without issue, May 28th, 1853. On the fifth day of March, 1854, he married Mrs. Catharine Triplett Boise, of the same county. She died without issue November of the same county, and she died February 21st, 1868, leaving four children, namely, Mary E. Webster, born September 12th, 1857; Annie E. Webster, born March 22d, 1862; Sarah E. Webster, born September 1st, 1865, and Susan B., born February 12th, 1868. Mr. Webster served his native county as Magistrate for sixteen years, and on the first day of April, 1868, removed to Henderson County. On the sixth day of January, 1869, he married Miss Annie M. Samuel, of Hopkins County. She is yet living, and is the mother of six children, four sons and two daughter: Robert J., born October 2d, 1869; Wm. H., born October 19th, 1871; Emma F., born September 25th, 1873; John Edward, born February 17th, 1876: Acsah Bell, born April 7th, 1878, and Radford Dunn, born January 29th, 1881. Since Mr. Webster's coming to this county, he has served as Magistrate thirteen years, and was recently elected to serve four more years, beginning January 1st, 1887. He is a member of Holloway Lodge, A. Y. M., No. 153; was initiated in 1855, in Fleming County. He is also a Chapter Mason, having been exalted to the Royal Arch. Mr. Webster, in addition to his magisterial duties, is engaged in farming near Niagara.

The History of Henderson County, Kentucky by Starling 1887 page 675;

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