Larkin White, Jr.

by Edmund Starling, 1886


LARKIN WHITE, JR., was born on the twenty-ninth day of September, 1820, on the Pamphlin place near Zion. He attended the Zion schoo, and at that time there was no other building at Zion, which was taught first by Rev. William Hatchett and then by Henry Poole. This school, unlike most of the educational institutions of the county, was taught throughout the whole year, and from this he gained a good English education. At the age of twenty he came to Henderson and entered into the employ of A. B. Barret, with whom he lived and continued to do business for eighteen years. In the year of 1857 he purchased of Dr. H. H. Farmer the farm on which he now lives, and from that time to this has been actively engaged in agricultural pursuits. On the seventeenth day of March, 1856, Mr. White and Mrs. Lucy Watson were married. On the twenty-first day of June, 1863, this union was broken by the death of his wife. On the twenty-sixth day of September, 1865, he married his second wife, Miss Lucy Hicks, daughter of old Uncle Ben Hicks, of Hebardsville, with whom he lived in marital felicity until the twenty-third day of January, 1883, when she died. By this marriage Mr. White has four children living, one daughter and three sons. His daughter, Miss Larkie, bids fair to become a most brilliant woman, while his young sons are bright and promising. Mr. White has never held a political office and never was a candidate for one. Since the organization of the Henderson Fair Company in 1857, he has been one of its most active supporters, a greater part of the time serving as director. During the year 1868,, '69, '70 and '71 he was a Trustee of the old Seminary fund. No man has ever lived in Henderson County more respected than the subject of this sketch, starting life possessed of a very limited capital, by hard work and the exercise of fine mental faculties, he has justly won a place among the recognized monied men of the county. There is but little of the demonstrative about Mr. White, but there is an abundance of the milk of human kindness, of which those who know him best in the business walks of life can truthfully testify. He is a man of warm impulses, and as true as steel, truthful, honest, courageous. He is one of the best farmers in the county and deservedly influential.

Since the foregoing was written, Miss Larkie married Robert Mallory, of Henderson, and has one son.

The History of Henderson County, Kentucky by Starling 1887 page 738-39;

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