Judge Thomas Towles

by Edmund Starling, 1886


JUDGE THOMAS TOWLES was born in Spottsylvania County, Virginia, on June 1st, 1784. His father, Stokeley Towles, was born in Lancaster, Virginia, February 21st, 1750, and died May, 23d, 1800. His mother, Mary Smith, was born September 8th, 1755, and died May 6th, 1813. Judge Towles immigrated to Henderson County in 1805, and resided here to the date of his death, December 12th, 1850. He first married Miss Hopkins, daughter of General Samuel Hopkins, in 1809. She died, leaving one son, Thomas, Jr., who was known as the brightest mind ever born in the county--a lawyer of wonderful memory and marked ability. Judge Towles then married Elizabeth Alves, daughter of Walter Alves, one of the signers of the Henderson Grant, and Amelia Johnston, whose father was William Johnston, one of the Richard Henderson & Co., to whom the grant was made. Mrs. Towles survived her husband two years, she dying June 28th, 1852.

By his last marriage there were three children, Dr. John J. Towles, Mrs Bettie T. Barret and Walker A. Towles, all married and have children. Judge Towles was a lawyer of large practice, and held the unrestrained confidence of the people of his town and county. He was the head and front of every enterprise, and no man gave more liberally of his time and means. On the sixteenth day of January, 1816, he was commissioned by President Madison, one of the judges for the territory of Illinois. Much history associated with his life will be found elsewhere in this volume. He was a warm, personal friend of the renowned John J. Audubon.

The History of Henderson County, Kentucky by Starling 1887 page 781-82;

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