Samuel Stites

by Edmund Starling, 1886


the subject of this sketch, was a son of Richard Stites, (who was a Sea Captain,) and was born in Philadelphia, March 22d, 1792. During the summer of 1819 he immigrated to Henderson and engaged in mercantile pursuits.

For many years he controlled the large landed interest of Mr. Lyne Starling, of Columbus, Ohio, located in Henderson County, and by his promptness and efficient business capacity, won the confidence and highest esteem of that gentleman. On the twentieth day of February, 1823, Mr. Stites married Miss Rebecca Holloway, daughter of Major John Holloway, of this county, and unto them were born four children, namely: Mary Cameron married Edmund L. Davidson, of Springfield, Kentucky, and died, leaving one child, now Mrs. Susan Ray, of Louisville; Richard married Miss Ann Mary Hopkins, and died a few years since, leaving five children, Samuel, William, Camilla, Richard and Hamilton. Samuel and Camilla are married, Rebecca married Colonel Wm. S. Elam. She has three children, Lucie, Annie and William. Lucie married James R. Barret; she has two children, Henry Pendleton and Susie Rankin. Mr. Stites, after having lived a most exemplary and successful life, died on the fifth day of April, 1862. His good wife, one of the strongest minded and most charitable of her generation, followed some years after.

The History of Henderson County, Kentucky by Starling 1887 page 801;

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