William Soaper

by Edmund Starling, 1886


WILLIAM SOAPER was born in Loudon County, Virginia, April 28th, 1795, and received his education form the ordinary schools of that State and Maryland, where he removed some years subsequent to his birth. During the year 1820, with limited means, Mr. Soaper came West and settled in Henderson. For several years he engaged in the saddlery business, frequently traveling through the country. but subsequently entered into partnership with Judge Thomas Towles, and engaged in the purchase and stemming of tobacco. This partnership continued for a number of years when, by mutual consent, it was dissolved. His business life was one marked by success, and the star of fortune clung to him even to the day of his death. His entire business life was characterized by an honesty of purpose, and strict integrity that won him the confidence of the entire community. While he claimed and demanded all that was due him, he held himself ready at all times to do unto his neighbor as he would be done by. In matters of charity, he was liberal, and his benefactions by no means few, or infrequent, were distributed with a cheerful, frank spirit, that was characteristic of his noble manhood. Freely and unostentatiously he gave of his means, without letting those nearest to him know of it. His charity was not for the applause of the world, but was the natural flow of a warm and sympathising[sic] heart. On the second day of November, 1830, he married Miss Susan Fannie Henderson, Rev. Thomas Evans officiating. Miss Henderson was born on the ninth day of May, 1813, upon what was, and is yet, known as the Bluff, a few miles below the city. Her father, Richard Henderson, was a nephew of Richard Henderson, for whom the County and City of Henderson were named. He married in North Carolina on the twenty- ixth[sic] day of March, 1807, Miss Annie Alves, and came to Henderson in 1812. Mrs. Soaper was baptized in infancy by Rev. Daniel Comfort, of the Presbyterian Church, and became a member of the Episcopal Church in 1835, at the age of twenty-two years. During her entire church life, she has proven a devoted Christian and fondly attached to her church. Mr. And Mrs. Soaper have had born unto them twelve children, ten of whom are living--Elizabeth, Richard Henderson, Thomas, William, Mariana, Catharine, Harry, Robert, Maria and Susan.

Elizabeth married L. C. Dallam, President of the Henderson National Bank, January 17th, 1855. They have five children, Susan, Clarence, Charlie, Elizabeth and Sallie; Susan married Hon. Henry C. Burnett, of Paducah, and they have two children, Marie and Elizabeth.

Thomas married Miss Cora cook, October 23d, 1862; they have two children, Elizabeth and Susan.

Mariana married Stephen K. Sneed, Vice President and Cashier of the Henderson National Bank, May 10th, 1871; they have six children, Susan, Lucy, Catharine, Mariana, William and Stephen

William married Miss Sophy Turner, January 17th, 1872; they have three children, Henry Turner, Susan Soaper and Lucile.

Robert married Miss Annie E. Pringle, November 18th, 1873; they have four children, Jane, Willie, Annie and Frances.

Catharine married Malcom Caruthers, of Chicago, October 20th, 1875; they have two children, Elizabeth and Frances.

Maria married A. M. Gazlay, of Louisville, now of Chicago, May 10th, 1876; they have one child, William Soaper.

Susan married Hayden M. Young, of Louisville, now of Kansas City, Mo, January 29th, 1884; they have no children.

Richard H. And Harry are unmarried.

Mr. William Soaper, subject of this sketch, after having lived a most successful business life, died January 3d, 1881, leaving a very large estate. Mr. Soaper was for many years an active Mason, being a member of the Blue Lodge and Chapter. Although for many years a regular attendant upon church worship, he was never a member.

The History of Henderson County, Kentucky by Starling 1887 page 770-71;

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