Thomas Soaper

by Edmund Starling, 1886


THOMAS SOAPER is the second son of William Soaper and Susan Fannie Henderson, and was born on the twentieth day of January, 1838. As in the case of his elder brother, he was given every advantage of an education that wealth could afford. He was sent to the best private schools, and, in 1854 and a part of 1855, was a student at Kenyon College, Ohio. In 1855 he entered Hanover College, Indiana, and remained there throughout 1856. Shortly after his return home from college, he entered the dry goods store of L. C. Dallam, and, in the year 1859, purchased an interest, became a partner, and engaged in business under the old and well-known firm name of Dallam & Soaper, the senior member being his brother-in-law, Mr. L. C. Dallam. On the twenty-third day of October, 1861, Mr. Soaper married Miss Cora Cook, daughter of Dr. John B. Cook, founder of the Henderson and McDowell Medical Societies. Unto them two children have been born, Bettie Cook and Sudie Henderson, two charming young ladies and universal society favorites. Mrs. Soaper is a lady of many fascinating domestic and social favorites. Mrs. Soaper is a lady of many fascinating domestic and social qualities, and a devoted help-mate to her husband. At the beginning of 1875, after a pleasant and lucrative partnership of sixteen years, Mr. Soaper purchased the interest of his partner, Mr. L. C. Dallam, and, from that time to this, the business of the old house has been conducted under the name of Thomas Soaper.

Our subject has been one of Henderson's most successful merchants, from the fact he never jests, never exaggerates, always sincere and honest, and whatever his convictions in any lines of life, he carries them out without reference to the world. On no serious subject has he any half-formed notions. In his friendship, he is exceedingly warm, yet not demonstrative; in domestic relations, gentle and tender, a genial companion, a devoted father and husband. He grew up in the Episcopal Church faith, and, in 1860, was confirmed by the Bishop. For thirty years he has been a member of the church vestry, has served as Treasurer for a number of years, has served as Junior and Senior Warden and is the Senior Warden of the church at this writing. he has represented his church a number of time in the General Convention of the Diocese, and, throughout his entire church life, has been one of the foremost in all matters of interest to the congregation and parish. For many years he filled the position of Superintendent of the Sunday School. In 1879 he was elected President of the Henderson Mining and Manufacturing Company, and has continued as such to this day. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Henderson National Bank, one of the strongest monied institutions in the city. He is a member of the Masonic order, and in politics a Democrat. In addition to his large interest in the city, including a handsome residence he is the owner of one hundred and ninety-one acres of the finest Henderson County river bottom lands, which he operates through employes[sic] under the direction of a competent superintendent or overseer. His crops are usually good and bring him a handsome income.

The History of Henderson County, Kentucky by Starling 1887 page 773-74;

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