Harry Soaper

by Edmund Starling, 1886


HARRY SOAPER, the fourth son of William Soaper and Susan Fannie Henderson, was born in Henderson County on the seventh day of August, 1844, and educated from the best school of the town and county, and the University of Toronto, Canada, where he would have graduated but for the effects of the war. In 1867, after his return, from college, he took charge of his brother Richard's tobacco stemmery at Uniontown, and lived there during the stemming season of each year up to 1881, the year of his father's death. Since that time he has had charge of the home farm (where all of the children were born), near the city. He still retains one-fourth interest in the stemming business at Uniontown. In addition to his interest at that place, and the home farm, he operates his lower bend place, consisting of one hundred and seventy-five acres of magnificent Henderson County river bottom land, All of this bottom land is alluvial, and, therefore, highly productive. As is the case with his brothers, of whom we have written, he is a most successful business man, and satisfactorily requires every turn to count in his interest. He has given a great deal of attention to the raising of fine stock, and, to that end, and to better provide food for winter feeding, he thoroughly investigated the Silo system, as adopted by cattle raisers in many States of the country, and is, perhaps, the first farmer in Kentucky to introduce one into this State. At a large expense he has caused one to be built at the home farm, and is highly pleased with it. This, then, goes to show that our subject is a wide awake farmer, looking ahead, keeping ahead. He is not the kind to await the coming of events, but he thinks for himself, and his plans are always intelligently founded, and, most generally, result as he would have them.

Mr. Soaper has never married; there is very little poetry about him. He is rather a recluse, inclined more to enjoy a quiet, bachelor life, than hugging to his bosom what he regards a fancied vision.

It may be said of him; however, that he is not selfish--on the contrary, there is no one more open hearted. He is fond of society but his natural diffidence is constantly speaking to him, and he continually listening to it. He is a man of benevolence, devoting a portion of his ample means to every good cause presenting itself in the community. He makes no display of his good deeds, is large hearted, exceedingly open and frank in all of his dealings and stands deservedly high as a gentleman and business man. Mr. Soaper was raised in the Episcopal Church faith, but has never connected himself with the church. He never believed in secret societies, therefore has never joined a lodge or secret order of any character whatever. He was raised a Whig. At this time he claims to belong to no party, but the prerogative to vote when and as he pleases.

The History of Henderson County, Kentucky by Starling 1887 page 775-76;

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