Wilkins N. Royster

by Edmund Starling, 1886


WILKINS N. ROYSTER was born in Henderson County, twelve miles south of Henderson and one mile and a half west of Robards Station, on the twenty-eighth day of April, 1830. His father, T. W. Royster, was one of the earlier settlers of that section of the county, and, with him, young Wilkins toiled until he was twenty-one years of age. During his youthful days, he attended the first school at George Rudy's old school house, and, by industry and hard study, managed to provide himself with a respectable understanding of the primary and some of the intermediate branches of study. Arriving at the age of twenty-one, he pursued his studies and added greatly to what he had learned while attending the neighborhood school. In the year 1851, he purchased himself a little home of one hundred acres, one mile south of his father's, and settled down in the woods to hard work, clearing his land and arranging fro crop raising.

On the twenty-fourth day of February, 1853, he married Miss Jane Spencer, eldest daughter of Enoch Spencer, who has proven a faithful helpmate. Since his marriage, Mr. Royster, by economy, excellent judgment and unceasing labor, has accumulated, until his farm numbers now three hundred and forty acres of the finest farming land in Henderson County, and is in a most excellent state of cultivation. He has raised a family of four boys and two girls, and is regarded as one of the most substantial men, and certainly one if, it not the best, growers of tobacco in the county. In 1861 he was made a Mason, a member of Cairo Lodge, and, though living a great distance away, has faithfully served his lodge in the capacity of Senior Deacon and Senior Warden. He is justly held in high esteem for his many shining traits of social and religious worth, and, though often importuned, has steadfastly refused political preferment.

The History of Henderson County, Kentucky by Starling 1887 page 737-38;

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