Phillip B. Matthews

by Edmund Starling, 1886


PHILLIP B. MATTHEWS is a native of Prince Edward County, Virginia, and was born on the twenty-seventh day of May, 1804. In his nineteenth year he came to Kentucky, arriving in Henderson in January, 1823. Here he remained for four years, spending most of his time, however, in Hopkins County, teaching school. In December, 1827, he returned to Virginia, and there remained for fourteen years, during which time he made frequent visits to Henderson county, coming as often as twice a year. In 1840, he settled in Henderson, engaged in business, and has made this his permanent home from that time to this. For a number of years Mr. Matthews was actively engaged in the tobacco business with Mr. William Soaper, and when the word actively is used, it is meant in its broadest acceptation. Mr. Matthews has all of his life proven himself an indefatigable worker, devoting his whole time and talent to the interest of those with whom he was engaged, and building for himself, by economy and prudence a competency to comfort him in his old age. His life has been characterized by honesty of purpose, strict morality, and a profound respect for all Christian and social graces. For fifteen or eighteen years he has engaged as a fiduciary officer, in the management of estates, as administrator, commissioner, trustee, etc., in all of which he has shown marked ability and business aptitude. Mr. Mathews was, for a number of years, a devoted Mason, but his age now prevents him from giving the order that attention he would otherwise love to. He is a member-and has been for a number of years-of the Presbyterian Church. He has served the city as councilman, and one term, 1867, '68m as Mayor, in both instances, with entire credit to himself and to the building up of the city. Mr. Matthews has twice married, first on the eighteenth day of July, 1852, to Mrs. Frances Craig, and the second to Miss Fanny J. Poyles, on the first day of February, 1876. He is undoubtedly the most active man of his age in this county.

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