Malcolm Yeaman

by Edmund Starling, 1886


MALCOLM YEAMAN was born in Hardin County, Kentucky, and became a resident of Henderson in 1863, being then just past his twenty-first year and having recently married and obtained his law license. He at once entered into the practice of law in partnership with his brother, Harvey Yeaman, who soon afterwards removed to Louisville, Kentucky.

Mr. Yeaman has resided in Henderson continuously since 1863, and had devoted his life to the study and practice of his chosen profession. If judged by those things that are usually supposed to constitute the best of success in professional life-faithfulness to those who entrust their affairs to his keeping, a steady adherence and increase of clientage, from which exclusively he has accumulated a moderate estate, the confidence and esteem of the community in which he had lived-then his career as a lawyer had been an eminent success. Mr. Yeaman has never been tempted by the allurements of wealth to enter into any collateral business or speculation, and, although always identified with the political party having the ascendency in the State, he has never held or sought public office, but has ever been content with the honors and emoluments brought to him by the legitimate pursuit of his profession.

His father, Stephen Minor Yeaman, was a gentleman of education, culture and refinement, but, dying at rather an early age, he left but little estate for the support of a large family of children, the oldest of whom had hardly more than reached manhood. His mother, whose maiden name was Lucretia Helm, still survives, approaching her eightieth year, and retaining in a remarkable degree, the full vigor of a bright intellect. Upon her devolved, in a large measure, after the death of her husband, the education and reading of a family of six sons and one daughter: John H. Yeaman, who studied fro the Baptist ministry and in a few years died at the house of his brother Malcolm, soon after he settled in Henderson; George H. Yeaman, who after attaining to eminence at the bar in Kentucky, served two terms in Congress, was six years minister to Copenhagen, then settled in New York City, where he is now actively engaged in the practice of law; William Pope Yeaman, now one of the most influential Baptist Ministers in the State of Missouri; Harvey Yeaman, who practiced law in Henderson, removed to Louisville, and afterwards died in Colorado, where he had gone in search of health, and is still affectionately remembered by the people of this county; Malcolm Yeaman, the subject of this notice, and Caldwell Yeaman, who studied law with his brother Malcolm, removed to Colorado, where he soon took high rank as a lawyer, engaged for several years in a large and lucrative practice, was the efficient promoter of some of the most useful and successful enterprizes of his section of the State, and had for several years filled the office of Circuit Judge. Mary Lucretia was the youngest child and only daughter of the family, who, just as she was blooming into young womanhood, died of the same disease as that to which her brother had fallen a victim.

Malcolm Yeaman married Julie Van Pradells Moore, the daughter of Dr. John R. Moore, who was for many years a leading physician in Louisville. Dr. Moore removed to Pettis County, Mo., a short time before the breaking out of the late war, where, amidst the excitement and turmoil of the civil strife that characterized that region more than almost any other west of the Alleghanies, Young Yeamna, not yet twenty-one, with his whole estate and prospects represented by a half sheet of paper on which was written his law licence, was married. To the sterling character, excellent judgment, and accomplishments of Mrs. Yeaman are due in great measure, the success that has blessed her husband.

Under their roof, here in Henderson, have been born unto them five sons and two daughters, John Rochester Yeaman, Marion Van Predells Yeaman, Lelia Triplett Yeaman, Malcolm Hodge Yeaman, Harvey Yeaman, James Moore Yeaman and Julia Moore Yeaman.

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