Samuel E. King

by Edmund Starling, 1886


This gentleman was born in Marion County, Kentucky, on the thirteenth day of October, 1827, and came with his father, George W. King, to Henderson County when at the age of one year and settled in what is now known as the Pooltown neighborhood, some fourteen or fifteen miles out on the Madisonville road. At eight years of age, his father removed with his family onto the Ohio River at a point opposite Evansville. In the spring of 1846, when young King was nineteen years of age, his father again changed locations, settling this time near where Samuel E. King now lives. He lived with his father up to the day of his death, which occurred on the eighth day of November, 1854.

On the twenty-eighth of September, 1854, the subject of this sketch married Miss Elizabeth White, daughter of Larkin White, and, after his father's death, purchased lands and began life in search of a fortune for himself and family, and, from a small beginning has accumulated until now he is regarded as one of the monied men of his section of the country.

Mrs. King is the mother of eight children, and she and her faithful husband yet live in the full enjoyment of good health. Mr. King has led an active farmer's life, and, unlike most men, has given his undivided time, in a most modest and unpretentious way to his own affairs, leaving others to do likewise.

The History of Henderson County, Kentucky by Starling 1887 page 735-36;

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