Ezra Calhoon Ward

by Edmund Starling, 1886


Ezra Calhoon Ward was born in Hardin County, Kentucky, March 13th, 1854. His father was a Cumberland Presbyterian preacher, but resided upon his farm, about eight miles southwest of Elizabethtown, and upon this farm the subject of this sketch spent the most of his time until 1871. He was left without parents at an unusually tender age, his mother having died October 17th, 1855, and his father following July 10th, 1864. He was then left in the custody and care of a sister, whose husband was a farmer, and with whom he remained until her death, which occurred in September 1871. Until this time our subject's life had been spent in doing the ordinary farm work during the farming season, and attending the district schools during the winter months. He continued to do farm labor until August, 1873, when he came to Henderson, Kentucky, and took up his abode with his brother, Thomas E. Ward, an attorney at law, with whom he remained for several years. The parents of our subject being in but moderate circumstances, and leaving a family of eight children, he of course was dependent upon his own exertions for a livelihood, and it was with the greatest difficulty that he succeeded in maintaining himself in the Henderson Public and High Schools until his course was completed, which was done in June, 1875. But, by shutting himself up from society, and living economically, and devoting his vacations and the whole of his leisure time in the employment of some one who was able and willing to pay him for his services, he succeeded in securing for himself the advantages of a good English education. In September, 1875, he assumed the duties and responsibilities of a teacher, beginning the practice of this profession in one of the district schools of the county, and continuing the same successfully and efficiently until June, 1880. During the time he was teaching school, he was also engaged in the study of law, and his summer vacation was spent in the law office of his brother, under the tutorage of his brother and the Hon. S. B. Vance. Therefore, in September, 1879m, he was admitted to the bar, as a practicing attorney of this Commonwealth.

In October, 1880, he was selected as commissioner of schools for the County of Henderson, and was twice elected to this office, which position he filled with credit to himself and profit to the public. On the second day of December, 1880, he was married to Miss Florence Walker, daughter of Hal. B. Walker, and settled down to the practice of law in the City of Henderson, Kentucky; one child, a daughter, has been born to this marriage. In August, 1883, he was elected to the office of Judge of the Henderson City Court, which position he now holds.

In August, 1884, his father-in-law, Hal. B. Walker, departed this life, leaving a large and extensive livery business, of which our subject, in partnership with O. F. Walker, an uncle of his wife, became the purchasers. He is yet engaged in the livery business, and is receiving a liberal share of patronage. Judge Ward is a simon pure Democrat, and has never been defeated for an office for which he was an announced candidate.

The History of Henderson County, Kentucky by Starling 1887 page 669-70;

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