John Eakins


JOHN EAKINS of whom we speak, was born in Rutherford County, North Carolina, on the seventeenth day of November 1789. At the age of eighteen years he emigrated to the wilds of Kentucky, and settled in Henderson County, upon a piece of land purchased by him in what is, or was known as the Horse Shoe Bend, above and opposite the City of Evansville, Ind. At the time that territory was a dense cane-brake, inhabited by wild animals, including the bear. He had not been here long before he became enamored of Miss Sally King, a resident of the same territory, whom he married. Miss King was a daughter of Esq. Elijah King, a leading pioneer, a highly respected and deserving citizen of the new country, and one whose advice was most frequently sought and most willingly given. The daughter was born in Washington County, Kentucky, on the second day of August, 1795, and with her parents came to this county. Mr. Eakins was a farmer all of his life and as before said, a very successful one. He never held an office, from the fact he was never an applicant for one. He was always in political faith a Democrat, firm and unflinching, and never throughout his life voted contrary to his faith. By the marriage of Mr. Eakins and Miss King, there were twelve children born, five of whom are living at this time. Mr. Eakins' ancestors were born in Ireland, and were buried on Morris Island in front of Charlestown, South Carolina. John Eakins died March 26th, 1868. Mrs. Eakins' parents were English people. She died July 13th, 1880.

The History of Henderson County, Kentucky by Starling 1887 page 680-81;

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