Archibald Dixon, M.D.

by Edmund Starling, 1886


ARCHIBALD DIXON, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, is the second son of Hon. Archibald Dixon and Elizabeth Robertson Cabell, and was born in Henderson on the 4th day of March, 1844. He received his early education at the local schools of his town, was then sent to the Sayre Institute at Frankfort, Ky., and afterwards to the University of Toronto, Canada.

On the ---- day of December, 1864, he married Miss Maggie Herndon, of Frankfort, an intelligent, as well as beautiful woman, a good talker, and a social, interesting companion, of a bright and happy disposition.

Dr. and Mrs. Dixon have had born unto them four children, two promising sons, Wynn and Archibald, and two affectionate, loving daughters, Maggie and Julia.

Our subject followed the business of farming on his place near Henderson up to 1876, yet in earlier life he had acquired a fondness for physics, and occupied a great part of his time in reading medical works. Circumstances, however, denied him adopting his chosen life's work until 1877, when he graduated from the Louisville Medical College, one of five of the brightest of his class. Having lost his patrimony in 1877, he moved to the City of Henderson to practice his profession, starting life anew, with nothing but the profits arising from his profession on which to support his family.

At that time, as now, the profession had enrolled among its numbers in Henderson physicians of equal standing with any in the entire Commonwealth. These old practitioners held their score of patrons against the world, and only when one would die, or move away, could a young graduate hope to subsist on anything more than the pickings, at all times uncertain in the payment of fees. This fact, then, together with all the proverbial difficulties that are attendant upon a young physician's first practice, Dr. Dixon was necessarily required to encounter.

Did he hesitate? Did he flinch? By no means. On the contrary, no difficulties, no distresses, dampened his professional zeal. It was life and death with him, and for that reason, if for none other, he devoted himself tot he work ahead of him with an energy and intelligence seldom equaled. he went up, up, his evening and morning star growing brighter with each day's practice. While many others were prophesying his downfall, he was then tasting the fruits of a deserved harvest, a testimony to his worth, geniality and ability as a practicing physician. He fought a manly fight with poverty, and the frowns and scowls of an unforgiving and pursuing world, and he has won.

Dr. Dixon is a member of the "Mississippi Valley Medical Society," the second largest Association in the country. In 1885, the very distinguished honor of President was conferred upon him by the Society. He served with a dignity and intelligence that made him a host of friends.

He is a member of the Kentucky State Medical Society, member, and now President of the District McDowell Society, of the local Medical Club, and an extensive correspondent and contributor to various medical journals in this country.

Dr. Dixon was raised in the Presbyterian faith, and some time since connected himself with the church. He is a member of the Masonic and Knights of Pythias orders, in the former having attained the rank of Knights Templar. The first Laparotomy ever performed in Henderson was done by him.

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