Joseph C. Dixon

by Edmund Starling, 1886


JOSEPH C. DIXON.-Fourth son of Archibald Dixon, was born in the town of Henderson on the twenty-fifth day of December, 1848. At an early age he was sent to the best private schools the town afforded, and subsequently in 1863 and '64, to the Sayer[sic] Institute at Frankfort, Kentucky. Being born of a bright, quick mind, he learned easily and rapidly-so much so, that he soon prepared himself to enter the University of Virginia, where he studied law and fitted himself for its practice. Returning to his home, he was licensed to practice, but, owing to bad health and, perhaps, a taste for a life more congenial, he has never sought clients or attempted to practice a profession he had learned so well. Our subject inherited a goodly portion of his father's quick and fiery intellect, and, doubtless, would have made a leading practitioner had he fancied the life. At the death of his father, he inherited a large and very valuable landed estate, comprising four hundred and eight-six acres, four hundred and forty-five of which is cleared and in a high state of cultivation. Upon this land he farmed until a few years since; finding that life incompatible to both health and comfort, he removed into the city. On the fourth day of December, 1874, Mr. Dixon was married to Miss Lucie Henderson Alves, granddaughter of James Alves and great granddaughter of Walter Alves, one of the signers of the ordinance establishing the town of Henderson. Mrs. Dixon is a lady of excellent domestic judgment, very popular and in every way fitted to adorn her husband's home. They have had five children, three of whom are living: James Alves, Susie Reeve and Maria Davis. Mr. Dixon in politics is a strong, uncompromising and unflinching Democrat, and in excited, hotly contested elections, primary or general, he usually makes his influence felt. He is a fine conversationalist and earnest worker. he is warm-hearted, honest and sincere in his friendship, in fact, no man will go further for a friend. He was raised a Presbyterian, but has never attached himself to the church.

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