DeWitt Clinton Worsham

by Edmund Starling, 1886


DE WITT CLINTON WORSHAM is the third living son of Elijah W. and Miriam J. Worsham. He was born in Henderson County, on the fifth day of May, 1857, and it seems that, that happy event to the parental head of the family, and his now hundreds of friends and warm admirers, had a concurrent bearing with him. It is by no means a coincidence, but an evidence of taste on the part of our subject to have celebrated his twenty-ninth birthday by wooing, winning and uniting himself for life, in marriage, a lady so gifted in all the graces so necessary to make man's abode in this mundane sphere happy and contented. Yet all this is true, for on the fifth day of May, 1886, this solemn and sacred rite was celebrated at the First Presbyterian Church of this city, the contracting parties being De Witt Clinton Worsham and Miss Fannie R. Walbridge. On the third day of June, 1887, there was born unto them Ellen Frances, a bright glooming daughter.

     In August, 1873, our subject accompanied his father to California, and while there graduated from "The California College," located at Vacaville. He lived in the Golden State with his father for eight years, and returned to Henderson on the fourth day of September, 1881. During his life on the Pacific Coast he studied and mastered the art of telegraphy, and at one time was in charge as business manager of one of the principal offices of that part of this great country. It is due to say, however, that the Western Union Telegraph Office at Henderson deserves the credit of his beginning his studies; yes, it was here, that, in 1870, he first contracted a liking for the mystic art. Our subject gave up telegraphing for several years, but of late months a good part of his time has been given to the service of the Western Union. That he is competent to accept any position in the art "Lightening," the writer of this has no doubt. For three years last past, Mr. Worsham has served his State in the capacity of a soldier member of the "Carlisle Rifles" State Militia. He was never called to do dangerous duty, but no matter, he held himself in readiness, and it was no fault of his that he was not in the field doing active duty. He held the position up to the time the company was disbanded by process of law, which only occurred a few months ago. Mr. Worsham is a Democrat in politics, a Maon in the mystic tye, and so far as the writer knows, holds no partial church leaning. He is associated with his father and brother in the wholesale liquor and distilling business, and serves the great business in the capacity of bookkeeper. For several years he successfully engaged in the sale of boots and shoes, but resigned that trade to enter a partnership with his father.

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