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The Henderson County Lookup Page

Note: These lookups are performed by volunteers as a service to researchers.  They will do the lookups as time permits.  Please be patient.  Our Historical and Genealogical Societies are able to exist by membership dues and book sales.  Please remember as they help you that you can help them by becoming a member or by purchasing books that contain information on your family.  This lookup service is free and is performed by volunteers.

Procedure for Obtaining a Lookup

Check out the available books at the link below.  Then send an email with the SUBJECT: HCH&GS Lookup( Book Name) to the address listed with listing of book. Lookup requests should be limited to one name, or perhaps two if it is a married couple.   Information given will most likely be minimal.  Please be specific, do not ask for all of a SURNAME in a book.   If there seems to be an extended amount of material in a book that would be helpful to you in your research, we will send you the basic information from the book and information on the availability of the book.

As this section of the site grows, we will have other books available for lookups. If you donate your time, we can make this section grow quickly. Please volunteer to do lookups in your Henderson county books.

I would like to make a suggestion that may help to speed your request along. Please try asking for a lookup on the Henderson County Rootsweb mailing list. Someone with the books you need might be able to do your lookup faster than the few volunteers now doing lookups through the link at the HCH&GS site.

To join the mailing list, send the message subscribe in the body of a text message and send it to kyhender-request@rootsweb.com. We have too few volunteers willing to help with the lookups. Please consider doing lookups and having yourself listed here.

Procedure for Volunteering to do Lookups

Send me an email at Tina Hall with the title and author of the book with a brief description of the book.  Make sure that you have permission from the copyright owner to do lookups from the book.  If you are unsure about the copyright, state that in your message, and we will determine what we need to do to use the book. 

HCH&GS Books available for Lookups

Sue Ann Hornung Morrow
doing lookups from:
Birth records 1911-1999
Death records 1911-1999
Marriage records 1973-1999
(Thank you, Sue, for your valuable time!)

Tonie King
doing lookups from:
Abstract of Early Kentucky Willis and Inventories
by J. Estelle King

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